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24 June, 2015
ARCHIVED | Training | An introduction to data analytics
16 July, 2015
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ARCHIVED | Webinar | Data mining with R

Webinar: Data mining with R

Archived – Please note this training opportunity/webinar took place in the past and has been left here for reference purposes. You can look for similar training opportunities/webinars by viewing our full list here or by sending us an email.

Date: 9 September 2015

Time: 2pm to 3pm

Join Richard Skeggs as he talks about data mining using R. Data mining is an analytic process designed to explore data in search of consistent patterns or systematic relationships between variables.

Aimed at analysts with some working knowledge Richard will cover pre-processing, anomaly detection, association rule learning, clustering, classification, regression and summarisation with R.

Data mining with R from BLG Data Research Centre on Vimeo.


Download the presentation (pdf)

To view the datasets that are available within the R environment type


This includes the iris dataset.

The Adult dataset comes with the “ARULES” package.

Installing the ARULES package by typing install.packages(“arules”) will also download the data.