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18 April, 2016
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5 May, 2016
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ARCHIVED | Webinar | An Introduction to Risk Modelling

An introduction to Risk Modelling

Archived – Please note this training opportunity/webinar took place in the past and has been left here for reference purposes. You can look for similar training opportunities/webinars by viewing our full list here or by sending us an email.

Date:  12 May 2016
 2pm to 3pm

Join us for this webinar when Dr Iqbal Adjali introduces participants to Risk Modelling.

Iqbal has extensive experience in this area having previously led a team developing analytical models for risk and portfolio management at Lloyds Banking Group, Unilever and British Telecoms before moving to his current post at KAPSARC.

In this webinar Iqbal will explain what risk model are, how they are used, and give an example of where such models can be used in business and research.

No previous knowledge is required, participants will leave the webinar with a clear understanding of what risk models are, and when (and how) it can be a powerful approach to use.


Download the presentation: An introduction to Risk Modelling (pdf)