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9 January, 2017
ARCHIVED | Webinar | An Introduction to Data Mining
24 January, 2017
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ARCHIVED | Webinar | An Intermediary Understanding of SQL

An Intermediary Understanding of SQL

Archived – Please note this training opportunity/webinar took place in the past and has been left here for reference purposes. You can look for similar training opportunities/webinars by viewing our full list here or by sending us an email.

Date: Wednesday 22 February
 2pm to 3pm

In this webinar, Richard Skeggs will provide attendees with an intermediary understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language), and will provide an understanding of how this can be used in “real-life” scenarios. The webinar will cover:

  • JOINs, ANSI-89 and ANSI-92 syntax
  • NULL handling: COALESCE & Native NULL handling
  • Subqueries: IN, EXISTS, and inline views
  • Subqueries: Correlated
  • WITH syntax: Subquery Factoring/CTE
  • Views

     Richard Skeggs is the Business Data Manager

SQL is a useful language for programming, and can be relatively straightforward to learn and understand. It can be used to query databases, data warehouses and day-to-day manipulations. It is an ideal skill to acquire for data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and marketing managers, amongst other roles.

This webinar is aimed at an intermediate level and so attendees should have a working knowledge SQL, and should have knowledge of creating a table, inserting data, querying the table, retrieving data, and aggregating data using SQL.

For those that require a basic knowledge of SQL, we would advise that you visit the following sites prior to attending the webinar:

An Intermediary Understanding of SQL from BLG Data Research Centre on Vimeo.