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20 January, 2017
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24 January, 2017
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ARCHIVED | Webinar | An Introduction to Data Mining

An Introduction to Data Mining

Archived – Please note this training opportunity/webinar took place in the past and has been left here for reference purposes. You can look for similar training opportunities/webinars by viewing our full list here or by sending us an email.

Date: Thursday 9 March
 2pm to 3pm

Data mining is the process of examining large pre-existing datasets in order to generate new information. Data mining can be very beneficial in allowing organisations to identify patterns and trends and to focus on the most relevant data that they have collected.

There are several tools and techniques which can be used for data mining. In this webinar Dr Beatriz De La Iglesia will provide attendees with an introductory understanding of data mining techniques, the process of knowledge discovery in databases and how business can benefit from such techniques.

This will be geared to a non-specialist graduate audience so no specific knowledge required.

Dr Beatriz de la Iglesia is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia. Beatriz is a data mining researcher with experience of health care data analysis. She has worked, among other themes, on the analysis of primary care datasets for cardiovascular disease risk evaluation; on text mining of gastroenterology procedural reports to identify key success indicators and on linking data in the secondary care setting in order to create patient-centric databases suitable for clinical research.  She has experience of developing new data mining algorithms using optimisation techniques and has over 40 peer reviewed publications. Beatriz obtained her first degree, a first class BSc Honours in Applied Computing, at UEA in 1994.  She obtained her PhD in Computing Science in September 2001. The subject of her research was data mining and in particular the extraction of partial classification rules or nuggets using meta-heuristic algorithms

An Introduction to Data Mining from BLG Data Research Centre on Vimeo.